Bill and Hillary ClintonWilliam Jefferson Clinton
President of the United States (1993 – 2001) – Democrat

Bill Clinton promised as President that his would be the “most ethical administration in the history of the country.” As you explore the pages of this website, you can decide for yourself whether he lived up to that promise.

The atmosphere of the Clinton administration from the beginning was generally one of usurpation and departure from constitutional compliance holding themselves above the law. Not even the FBI will touch them, proving that America’s laws are for little people – not for the likes of the Clinton’s.

Clinton’s administration was continuously involved in suspected and confirmed cases of abuse of power through numerous acts by officials, including statutes, regulations, executive orders, court rulings, and ordinary decisions and actions taken while on duty and under color of law, which have been unconstitutional, and in many cases, in violation of civil rights of persons and of constitutional laws.

Bill Clinton began his reign in office cloaked in a exaggerated economic crisis , promising a financially beleaguered populace to bring change to the economy. And, he did that.  Some like to believe he was great for the economy, although it was more symbolism over substance.  In fact, his policies set the stage for a near global collapse of the world economy.

From the very outset his social programs promised to sink America into even deeper moral decadence. And as his second term in office proved, he incrementally sold out this countries sovereignty to a foreign interests.

communistCertainly, the bulk of Americans who voted for Clinton/Gore never envisioned the global socialist state that they and those who dictate policy to them would institute and are now even continuing to build. But, then again, those same voters had proven they didn’t care anymore.

The price we paid was that now America had an administration with an openly socialist agenda.

Repeatedly throughout his presidency we heard his propagandists and spin doctors claim his policies to be for “the best for the country,” with the refrain, “for the children” used regularly. Their ends, however, took direct aim at the destruction of national patriotism, the forfeiture of constitutional freedom for both children and adults, the demise of personal independence, and the suppression of a national conscience.

In 2016, a new chapter in the Clinton legacy was opened when Hillary Clinton was nominated by the Democrat Party to be President of the United States.  At her acceptance speech, we heard once again the emotional appeal that Hillary is “for the children.”