Clinton Body Count — 26 Comments

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  3. This list needs updating.
    Monica peterson, peter Smith, the guy in miami. And that judge who drowned in nyc. (Please add numbers too)

    • These are allegedly part of this list.. but more info meeds to be looked into. Plus, Assange’s Lawyer who was killed by a train. Plus look who he worked with.. very interesting.

  4. one name left off of every list i’ve ever read is MICHAEL HASTINGS… a reporter w/the rolling stone magazine who died in a fiery car crash in beverly hills, ca. he was reportedly doing a story on obama (can we assume a clinton or two would figure in also?)… he, like many of those murderd, felt his life was in danger….he was murdered

  5. What makes people think these power hungry Clintons will suddenly not be scandal plagued just because she lost an election? If nothing else… we should ALL be ever more watchful! Do your own due diligence, and THINK! It seems EVERY time the Clintons disappear from the public media… servers and secrets get sold, people die, nefarious things start happening! All you have to do is follow trends and tendancies.. and for all the denials and arm waving, every place they have ever been involved over the past 20 or 30 years in their pursuit of ultimate power… people died and died in odd and nearly unheard of methods. Repeatedly. To the point one can start calculations on the odds and life expectancy of people based on how close they actually are to either of the Clintons. has photocopies of some of the now dated news articles, written as things were happening. If you have actually lived long enough to remember these things… you are old enough to know you do NOT want to be at ALL involved with their Cash Machine, or with them at all, if you wish to live. Or not be ‘used’. Or wear a ‘stained blue dress’ .. or be imprisoned. Or end up in a place like BehGhazi to be abandoned.. so together with Soros and the media… conservatives (or just plain ol americans!) need to get serious about taking this country back before it is too late – WE NEED these people in PRISON.

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  8. Okay, so I’m new to the whole Bill / Hillary thing, but you guys would have to be morons to not believe this. So why you’re in denial, they’re selling 20% of America’s uranium to Russia (fact), giving China access to advanced tech via shady deals (fact), and tons of other shit. It’s so apparent Hillary is lying through her teeth about EVERYTHING which means Bill is too. If they are liars and thieves for the last 30 years and haven’t been jailed, then you can bet they offed a slew of people along the way. Just like Al Capone. He didn’t get caught for murder. He got caught on tax evasion. Hillary’s getting nailed for financials. If I had it, I’d bet $1 million the CIA has its hand in this somewhere which is yet another reason the FBI has been hands off for 30 years.

    My 2 cents.

  9. If either of the Clintons are truly responsible for even one of these murders, whether directly or indirectly, they may not pay for their crimes in this life, but they will pay with a horrible fate in the next life after their physical deaths. This is a consequence of committing evil and atrocities in this life in a material world in spite of all the warnings to do no evil. They will feel all the pain that they have given…and more…for an eternity.

  10. hard to think of anyone around the globe who are accompanied by this many unnatural deaths. Statistician may come up with a statistical possibility.

  11. @The Librarian and you ought to be ashamed of yourself that you would defend the Clintons. That’s like defended Satan you vile shill.

  12. Barbara Olsen? OK, she already wrote two books on the Clinton’s. If that was the reason, then why wait until after she publishes them? Then of course, if you are saying the Clinton’s killed her, then they must be responsible for 9/11? The is the most preposterous theory I have ever heard. While many liberals did not agree with Olsen, she always treated her adversaries with respect and a pleasant attitude – everyone looked forward to debating her on the issues.

    The Blackhawk crash – they have a history of crashes. they are often referred to as flying coffins.

  13. Talk about PURE EVIL, The Clinton’s really are!! And to think she could be Our next President? We should all be very Concerned.

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