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  1. Insofar as I am concerned, Bill (not President) and Hillary have been embarrassments to all Arkansans and all Americans. When we needed a leader with integrity, Bill’s thoughts were on sexual matters. This is a fine little state full of fine people, especially its children. We deserve better than the Clintons. We rank 50th in quality of both public education and medical care. How long has Arkansas been at the bottom and, more importantly, why? I would look first at her political leadership, legislators and judges. Hillary is a pathological liar with rapidly progressing Parkinson’s Disease. She has, at best 18-24 months remaining among the quick. Bill is both a liar and a crook, to wit, the Mena dope smuggling operation which resulted in, at least, the deaths of two teen-age boys who apparently saw something they should not have. The inconsistencies and bizarre circumstances surrounding the death of Vincent Foster is one of many similar examples of “suicide by Bill”. Bill’s treatment of women, especially sexually but psychologically as well, is likely explainable by the congenital physical deviation of his relatively small, male appendage. While that may make his behaviors explainable, it in no way forgives or excuses them. That Bill is a sexual pervert is eminently clear. Hillary will go on trying to mask her husband’s stupidity as well as the worsening symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, however this neuropathy impairs the patient both physicially (e.g. poor balance, unsteady gait, leg weakness, tremors of the arms, “pill rolling” finger movements, slurred speech, frequent, uncontrollable coughing fits due to dysphagia paralytica (a symptom of advanced Parkinson’s Disease, not dry mouth). All of the other reasons reported for her voice disorders, difficulty with speech articulation, hacking and coughing (asthma, “flu”, cold, heat, fatigue, thirst, etc.) are all “false flag” diagnoses. They are lying to us. They are as diagnostic as can be of Parkinson’s Disease (at the least). Hillary’s response, of course, is to lie to us about the “causes” of her physical symptoms, however over time, she will be unable to mask them. What about stopping abruptly while speaking because of inability to recall the next word? In Hillary’s case, that is a symptom of Parkinson’s Disease called “expressive aphasia”. It has a lot in common neurologically with impaired immediate recall, and both will get much worse with time. Yet, these are the people (because Bill has already demonstrated the lack of decorum, aplomb and grace to allow Hillary to run her own campaign without forcing his way into the picture) that millions of Americans want to lead the world’s most powerful country, to be not only its President, but it’s Commander-in-Chief as well? The fact that she allowed four Americans to die in Bengazi, despite their repeated pleas for help and she did absolutely nothing, is enough evidence for me of her poor judgment. The entire “computer affair” and cover-up merely confirms that she is not now mentally competent and lacks sound judgment. In short, both Bill and Hillary lack the integrity, honesty and competence to be anywhere near the Capitol, the White House or Washington, D.C. They would probably struggle in Smackover, AR, but better there than D.C. It would be nice to be able to write truthfully some positive aspects of Hillary and Bill’s personnae, however, in this case, that is not possible. God bless America.

    Randall Smith, Ph.D., D.Sc.
    Professor of Neurobiology
    Department of Neuroscience
    University of Arkansas College of Medicine
    Little Rock, AR

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