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Bill Clinton promised as President that his would be the "most ethical administration in the history of the country.” As you explore the pages of this website, you can decide for yourself whether he lived up to that promise.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

FascismKenneth Starr began his investigation into Whitewater on Aug. 5, 1994, taking over for Robert Fiske and in the four years following, his jurisdiction was expanded to include Travelgate, Filegate and Monica Lewinsky - reaching to the highest level of the federal government. His investigations culminated on Sept. 9, 1998 when the Independent Council Report containing (thirty-six boxes — two duplicate sets of the report, grand jury testimony, videotapes and other evidence) was delivered to Congress.

The report contained 11 charges of "Substantial and credible information that President Clinton committed acts that may constitute grounds for an impeachment," including charges of abuse of power, perjury, obstruction of justice and witness tampering.

Among the allegations Starr's report included were that Clinton perjured himself in denying a sexual relationship with Lewinsky in the now-dismissed Paula Jones civil suit; obstructed justice by seeking the return of gifts he and Lewinsky exchanged and by helping her find a job; and abused the power of the Oval Office by rallying the institutional powers of the presidency to delay Starr's investigation.

Some said the fallout of this report put America into a Constitutional Crisis, but I believe more importantly, this report punctuated the "Moral Crisis" in America. At stake were moral issues such as truth, justice, and marital fidelity.

The sexual conduct issues in the Monica Lewinsky matter are peripheral to the overall issue of law-breaking at the highest level in the Clinton White House. In fact, it was only during the last eight months of the investigation that its focus was on Monica Lewinsky and the sexual activities of the President. The central allegation in this case is that the president engaged in a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky and attempted to cover it up to protect himself in the Paula Jones lawsuit.

President Clinton has been accused of numerous crimes.

Obstruction of Justice

Monica LewinskyIn taped conversations with Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky graphically recounted details of sexual encounters with Mr. Clinton and indicated that Mr. Clinton and his advisor, attorney Vernon Jordan, had directed her to perjure herself in the Jones v. Clinton deposition. President Clinton tried to keep Ms Lewinsky quiet by giving her a number of gifts inlcuding a book of poetry, a T-shirt and a hat pin -- gifts that Clinton called meaningless trinkets and "no big deal." Clinton had given Lewinsky as many as six gifts at a private White House meeting on December 28 -- three weeks after she was named as a potential witness in the Jones case.

Paula JonesThe president's surrogates and supporters were expert in diverting attention from whatever current scandal President Clinton is embroiled in. Rather than answering the most relevant evidence in the Paula Jones lawsuit, for example, they rather orchestrated a media blitz depicting Jones as a promiscuous, flirtatious, gold-digging, fame-seeking slut, unworthy of belief. They have characterized her allegations as 'tabloid trash,' in Bennett's famous phrase.

Bill Clinton lives a life where the rules apply to everyone but him. When things began closing in on him, he stalled, lied under oath and perhaps more. Clinton engaged in attempted character assassination of Kenneth Starr and anyone else who dared to oppose him.

Ken StarrWhen Ken Starr's investigation began getting too close to Mr. Clinton, the Washington "spin doctors" began working hard at turning public opinion away from Ken Starr and turn popular opinion against the investigator. Liberals constantly pointed to the millions of dollars Ken Starr has spent in his investigation, but has come up empty handed.

That may sound good to many undiscerning people, but the fact remains, the Starr investigations and others have turned up volumes of corruption in Federal Government and there have been indictments and convictions. Starr had gotten 11 indictments yielding 3 trial convictions, 6 guilty pleas, and 2 acquittals. The Clinton administration may indeed be the most indicted administration in history.

William Jefferson ClintonIndeed, it was through the unremitting pursuit of truth that led Ken Starr to issue a subpena forcing Clinton to testify before the Grand Jury. Rather than facing the unprecidented testimony, Bill Clinton made a deal with Starr that allowed him to save face and appear before the grand jury voluntarily.

Clinton's apologists claimed that Ken Starr had drug this investigation out over a period of months, costing millions of dollars with no results. But, it was the president, not Ken Starr who dragged America through 7 months of allegations and counterallegations of sexual impropriety and abuse of power. Had Mr. Clinton told the truth in the first place and not sent out his supporters to lie for him, Starr's investigation would have been greatly shortened and the American people would not have been drug into the sexual perversions of the President. Following his testimony before the grand jury, Bill Clinton went on national television and admitted to his lies. Yet, even in that so-called 'apology', Mr. Clinton angrily continued his attack on Ken Starr.

All these attempts by Bill Clinton to impede the persuit of truth were just the latest in a long history of obstruction of justice. Bill Clinton has always been and continues to be an arrogant power-broker who believe that he is above the law. Indeed, his entire administration has been one of destroying the concept of the "rule of law."

  • Clinton appointed and protected Arkansas Medical Examiner Fahmy Malak who repeatedly obstructed justice by declaring murders as "suicides" or "accidents."
  • He tipped off Governor Tucker about upcoming criminal referral.
  • Clinton fired RTC chief Albert Casey to allow his friend Roger Altman to monitor and block Whitewater investigations.
  • Fired FBI director William Sessions to prevent an autonomous FBI from investigating the Foster suicide and from resisting cooperation in the Filegate operation.
  • He offered State Troopers federal jobs in return for their silence about Clinton's crimes.
  • Blocked Justice Department indictments after Inspector General Sherman Funk found "criminal violations of the Privacy Act provable beyond reasonable doubt" when former Bush employee files were searched and leaked to the press.
  • Appointed friend and now-convicted felon Webster Hubbell to number 3 position in Justice Department in order to be able to block Whitewater criminal referrals.
  • Blocked the criminal trial of Representative Ford, a Tennessee Democrat.

"Truth telling, I have found, is the key to responsible citizenship. The thousands of criminals I have seen in 40 years of law enforcement have had one thing in common: every single one was a liar." -- J. Edgar Hoover


Clinton LiesLying is nothing new for Bill Clinton. Those who have followed his career have seen him lie repeatedly and yet somehow seem to get away with it ... thus his nickname, "Slick Willy." His latest episode of lying is significant only in that he is, first, caught in the lie and second, he has admitted to lying, and third, his lie was made in connection with sworn testimony in a court of law - that makes it perjury.

Both Clinton and Lewinsky denied having an affair under oath in January in statements in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit, but Lewinsky later told grand jurors, after being granted immunity, that the two did in fact have a sexual relationship and that they discussed ways to cover it up.

Bill ClintonFor seven months, President Clinton lied about having sexual realtions with Monica Lewinsky. He told the American people on national televison, saying, "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." [Listen to his lie]

He lied about having private meetings with Lewinsky saying under oath, "I don't recall" ever being alone with Lewinsky at the White House. He lied about giving gifts to Lewinsky, again saying under oath, "I don't remember a specific gift."

While it will be very difficult to prove subornation of perjury, that either Mr. Clinton or Mr. Jordan asked Monica Lewinsky to perjure herself, or that either are guilty of obstruction of justice, the real issue is, did Mr. Clinton lie in his Paula Jones deposition when he said he did not have a sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky. Facing a subpena to testify before Ken Starr's grand jury, Bill Clinton was persuaded to testify about his sexual transgressions before the Grand Jury and facing physical evidence to the contrary, Clinton finally admitted to America that he had lied. He admitted to giving incomplete and thus false testimony in his Jan. 17 testimony in the now-dismissed Paula Jones lawsuit.

Far too many Americans, in collusion with the mainstream media have for years defended the lies of Mr. Clinton, oftentimes denying his untruthfulness outright. Throughout the period of Clinton's investigation, the media elaborated the idea that "character doesn't matter." Today, they are faced with the fruit of that philosophy. What Clinton's televised "apology" has done is force those long-time supporters to be faced with a truth they can no longer deny.

Decide for yourself if Bill Clinton lied in his deposition in the Paula Jones sexual misconduct suit on January 17, 1998.

Q. At any time were you and Monica alone together in the Oval Office?
A. I don't recall, but as I said, when she worked at the legislative affairs office, they always had somebody there on the weekends. I typically worked some on the weekends. Sometimes they'd bring me things on the weekends. She -- it seems to me she brought things to me once or twice on the weekends. In that case, whatever time she would be in there, drop it off, exchange a few words and go, she was there.

Q. So I understand, your testimony is that it was possible, then, that you were alone with her, but you have no specific recollections of that ever happening?
A. Yes, that's correct. It's possible that she, in, while she was working there, brought something to me and that at the time she brought it to me, she was the only person there. That's possible.

Q. Did you have an extramarital sexual affair with Monica Lewinsky?
A. No.

Q. If she told someone that she had a sexual affair with you beginning in November of 1995, would that be a lie?
A. It's certainly not the truth. It would not be the truth.

Q. I think I used the term "sexual affair." And so the record is completely clear, have you ever had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, as that term is defined in Deposition Exhibit 1, as modified by the court.
A. I have never had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. I've never had an affair with her.

What else has Bill Clinton lied about?

Will we ever know what lies he told in connection with the murders of Vincent Foster and over 100 other associates, staff, and friends? What about his underworld connections stretching back to the Dixie Mafia days in Hot Springs; his roles in the Waco massacre, the Oklahoma City bomb, or the crash of TWA 800, Valujet, the Ron Brown crash, William Colby's drowning, the Atlanta Bomb, the Saudi Bomb, the church burnings and all the rest? What about the dozens of other women who have testified against Mr. Clinton and the far more serious offenses in narcotics trafficking, collusion with China in unAmerican activities, and about more than a thousand missing FBI files and the Travel Office firings, not to mention Whitewater and illegal fundraising? Why would anyone believe this admitted liar about his promises about health care, cigarette legislation, Internet censorship, the Brady bill, saving Social Security, or global warming?

Sadly, the majority of Americans prefer to remain in blissful ignorance and don't care to know the truth about their leaders. Subconsciously at least, they now know their President was a liar, but few have any idea of the trail of bodies, drug-smuggling, bank thefts, abused women and cover-ups he has left behind. They don't want to know that Monica Lewinsky's 37 post-employment visits to The Oval Office were not merely to supply Mr. Clinton's appetite for sex, but his appetite for cocaine.

Many Americans don't want to know the truth because they would then be forced to face their own responsibility for the moral decadence this country was fallen to. Others don't want to face the facts about a greater conspiracy than Hillary's "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy," a behind-the-scenes Orwellian conspiracy being perpetrated behind the closed doors of the largest financial institutions, government offices, the media, and others desiring unlimited wealth and power.

For years, the West has been drifting almost imperceptibly towards the era of Big Brother, whose long, invasive tentacles stretch across national borders into the depths of our lives. Under the Clinton regime, the speed and visibility accelerated to the point that we now watch liberties vanishing at a terrifying rate. It seems any excuse will do to further curtail individual liberty.

"As the United States plumbs the depths of lies and deceit and experiments with socialism in a valueless post-Christian era, polls suggest that most people don't care. Russian history is anchored on a loathing of change: they prefer the familiarity of slavery. Can this really now be true of America too?" [Steve Myers, Exegesis, August 20, 1998]

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