How is it possible that anyone could support Hillary Clinton? — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve been a police psychologist for over 26 years and a police officer and supervising special agent for almost 50 years. To me the fact that Hillary, et al, are so blatantly guilty of several counts of murder that as a court recognized expert on the subject I have to doubt that the Clinton’s have one, probably more, people they routinely go to to suicide various individuals who threaten whatever plan du jour they happen to have at the moment.

    The number of deaths surrounding both of the Clinton’s phenomenal and it strikes me as horrendous that absolutely no one on the Hill or the media or even the number of professional and conservative investigators have not found proof to the level required to prosecute one of both of these people–this says something deeply troubling about the kind of country the US has become and is deeply worrying to all right thinking Americans I’m sure.

    As as co-conspirator Barry Soetoro-Soebarka-Obama is not to be excluded from the list of individuals on the Hill directly or indirectly culpable for these murders.

    On the other hand Barry has a separate channel of assignations, in that the kind of deaths associated with this man, the poisoning, the types and the conditions of the murders points to one or more women involved in these cases and there is at least one of Barry’s close associates who fit this profile.

    To sum up, if, that is IF, Trump can somehow circumvent the set-up now underway to fix the upcoming “elections” and survives long enough in office without being assassinated himself there may be a mass exodus of people in DC who could be linked with or actually indited to these crimes, but I have to say that I am not holding my breath for Trump to win given the last two “elections” and the success the media and their twins-in-office have had in covering up these not overly complicated crimes.

    Bottom line is that the Clinton’s and Barry are obviously guilty of Treason and I’m sure that a very large number of helpers in DC and elsewhere are equally guilty and deserved of the exact same punishment which MUST be of a level both decisive and at least equal to the severity of their multiple crimes.

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